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Character and Universe Creation

Guidelines so far for creating a character

Obviously we will be using D&D 4e for the game, but we wanted to spice things up so here is the low-down on character creation.

In creating a race you can assemble any component of any races available in any combination you want. The only exception is Human, whose Bonus Feat & Power cannot be taken. Other Racial features, powers, and bonuses are fair game.

However, all the racial abilities you take must have a common bond that contributes to the Identity of your race. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to have a hyper-intelligent race with +Int and +Wis bonuses and then give it the Goring Charge power of Minotaur.

Classes will be done wit the same basic rules of 4e but with a little spice. After choosing your class/Hybrids, you may select one more class as a “Wild Card.” When selecting your powers, you can choose to instead select a power from your Wild Card class of the same level. Make any necessary stat changes for synchronizing abilities and powers.

The main conversions will be logistics of sources of power(using technology or bionics for AoE attacks instead of arcane spells, etc.) and range of powers. Melee weapon powers will simply be converted to “Ranged weapon.” If you are using a class that uses ranged powers without weapons like the Warlock, make up cool sci-fi versions on implements.

Weapons will convert as follows:

  • Simple Melee → Simple Melee & Ranged
  • Military Melee → Military Melee & Ranged
  • Simple Ranged → Simple Ranged
  • Military Ranged → Military Ranged

It is up to you guys to decide what level we will start at. Tell us in the comments!



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